Agriturismo “La Grotta dei Folletti”

Località Bruciata 29/a
61040 Mercatello sul Metauro, Pesaro (PU) Regione Marche, Italy
Tel. e fax 072289120
Alloggio e Spa 3497591123
Ristorante 340 3281079

coordinate GPS N 43°39,918′ E 012°19,867′

The agritourism “La Grotta dei Folletti” is collocated in the common of Mercatello sul Metauro (PU), Orange Flat of Touring Club and Light Blue Flat for the quality of its inside waters, the river is also suitable for swimming. The small village, where the agritourism arises, dates back to 1600 and it is constructed in serena stone. We are to a height of 700 meters on the level of the sea, we have CAI paths in surrounding areas and other routes for trekking and mountain-bike.

"La Grotta dei Folletti" 61040 Mercatello sul Metauro(PU)
Tel. +39 072289120 -
P.iva 01169610415