The foods is binge

The dishes that we propose you are prepared by us with raw materials of our biological farm or we buy some materials to our neighbourhood; pasta is handmade, our meets are genuine and they don’t come from an intensive farming for choose, they are cooked like roast, grilled or baked, bread and focaccia are always of our production and they are cooked in an ancient wood oven.
The menu, that is different according to seasons, includes dishes based on wild mushrooms, grasses’ field, cheeses that are different from type and season, roasts of animals of short court or bushmeat, garden’s vegetables, and many other things that country offers in the period; on request we can provide also truffles of our areas.
We use potatoes and beans of our production that grow up on a height of 900 meters on the level of the sea and they are strictly biological.
We like doing particular starters like: snails, coradella, tripe, toasted mixed breads and we like that you taste sausages accompanied by a hot focaccia and then there are marchigiana kitchen first course and second course, so we propose you a travel of our country.
For people that love know also wines of our zones we have chosen some winery, for example: Farm “Le Terrazze”, “Mancini”, “Il Conventino”, “La Montata”, “Guerrieri”. So in our country you will eat very much!
To give you the best of quality and freshness of food, we work only by reservation. The restaurant is open all the year for people that is host in the agritourism but also for other clients.
We provide of 3 rooms plus an other that is discottected and it is reserved for groups. In a room can be hosted 70 people and in Summer will be outside fresch dinners and beautiful evenings.

Typical Menu

Passerina frizzante cantina S.GIOVANNI Offida (biologica)

focaccia alla bronza
lombo cotennato, salame tipico, formaggio fresco e pecorino
insalatina valeriana, noci, grana, aceto balsamico
crostino al pomodorino e crostino con patè
fagioli ai porcini
coradella d’agnello con cavolo e patate
trippetta di vitello
goletta in padella

tagliatelle con galletti o al ragù (su richiesta al tartufo bianco)
ravioli dei folletti

coniglio in porchetta
agnello al forno
spezzatino di somaro o cinghiale o toro

patate al forno
insalata mischiata

torta dei folletti ai frutti di bosco
fagottini alla prugna

a seguire

caffè con la moka e le nostre grappe

costo 30 euro


"La Grotta dei Folletti" 61040 Mercatello sul Metauro(PU)
Tel. +39 072289120 -
P.iva 01169610415