Rooms and appartaments

Bedrooms with fireplace

Sopra and Sotto, are two bedrooms with a fireplace, that are thought to give you fire’s beauty; by the bed you can taste fire’s magic atmosphere.
To create your personal atmosphere, we are happy to make you content in your requests.

Bedrooms 4 elements

There are 4 bedrooms ispirated to four elements: Water, Fire, Earth and Air..
The themes have been represented with a picture in one of the walls and they have been shown using colours ad hoc in the covering and in the laundry, everything to make more magic goblins’ world. Some bedrooms can be double, other triple or quadruple and if is necessary we have got also camping little bad for children or shores.

Last two bedrooms

We have inserted also other two bedrooms, Ulivo and Pietro. The first is in front of our olive tree and Pietro in a little bedroom where nothing’s missing.

Gisto Flat

Gisto Flat (places from 2 to 8) is equipped with a big day area in the ground floor of 50 mq with a kitchen in miniature and a big fireplace. In the kitchen there are gas grills at 4 fires, fridge with freezer, crockeries and some materials to clean. Night area has been realized on a intermediate floor of oak tree, this is 1,5 meters and it looks out in day area, it can host 4 people and here you can sleep on the mattress that is supported on oak’s tableland.
In the day area there is also a comfortable sleeper double sofa that is beautiful to sleep in front of the fireplace!
In the bathroom there is a shower. The heating system, independent, it works with gas and it is possible to light the fireplace.


If it is requested, the flat can communicate with a bedroom and a private bathroom and this request make GISTO a flat very versatile and appropriate to the needs of couples and families for many people, or groups, preserving also thanks to bathrooms, a good privacy and service level. There are 2/4 bed seats plus 2/3 that can be inserted.

Zaccaria Flat

ZACCARIA flat (seats 2/8) is the last born!! It provides of a little private garden in the shadow of a beautiful cherry tree, with a little entry canopy and a big day area, a beautiful fireplace in miniature, a little kitchen, a comfortable sleeper double bed and 2 symmetrical bedrooms. This is an accommodation that we propose to needs of one or two families. The new bathroom is discreet, very well done and handy.

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