Wellness & SPA

.. the most beautiful present is know to give time to yourselves

We have realized on our personal taste, the SPA to give you a moment of a very relax. On the new wood and glass building, that looks out in the sunsets of Alpe della Luna, there is an exclusive environment where you can enjoy our magic places and it goes to integrate the Widespread Prosperity that every aspect of this places give you. It has been created to welcome a minimum of 2 people to a maximum of 8 always at exclusive use. The couple will can enjoy of 2 hours of an exclusive path, without anyone that disturbs and it is cosseted by a soft atmosphere created by candels, incense and music.

The path starts with:

This is a wood structure of an eastern design, that will give you the opportunity of purify your body through the elimination of toxins and an hydration of skin thanks steam and temperatures measured appropriately choosing the treatment “Sauna Romana”. If you want to use all the treatment playing with the cold and the hot made by the showers, chromo therapy will make a right atmosphere for about 45 minutes.

It is composed by 2 baths, one of cold water and the other of hot water with their respective waterfall, it is made to give us an intense pleasure of water’s force sensation on the body and to give back us tone; at the end in a corner, there is water’s spraying. You can walk on this blue environment to stimulate legs’ blood flow.

Tasting some fresh fruit or a hot tea, we can cosseted us by massage carpets on the chaise longue that is placed in the intermediate floor.

The bath with water at 38° degrees, has got 6 positions of which one is lying; it has different jets at massage action and there are some bubbles that come up from the centre; here we can pass the last 20/25 minutes among candels and essential oils’ smell. There are tea, spring water, fresh and dries fruit available. You will can decide to integrate your stay with a bottle of wine or microbrew and you can extend your path joining special massages rely you on Veruska’s hands.


Treatments face and body personalised, immediate result for every type of imperfections. Massages are made with oils of first quality and it is also possible to have some massages at 4 hands.


Face treatments: for wrinkles, blotchiness, acne, dehydration and relax anti aging (set of relaxing and firming maneuvers that are combined to the utilization of creams and specific oils) complete treatment 1 hour and 10 minutes €80 with also a massage to the back, treatment only in the face for 50 minutes €60.

Decontracting: energetic massage that is indicated to alleviate tension and to relax muscles. Particularly indicated for people that practice sport or assume wrong postures during the day. 1 hour €60.

Aesthetic hygienic massage: esthetic massage indicated to reactivate peripheral micro circulation, to remove liquid in excess and to model tissues with manoeuvres  that go to act in the connective tissue. 1 hour (about) € 60.

Cupping and candle massage: (cupping with fire and candels, a Japanese technique) 1 hour €70.

Abhyanga (ancient technique that uses anointing and manipulation of the body to produce force, mobility, flexibility and memory. In Ayurveda it is used to alleviate pain and to correct the disorders of Dosha) 45 minutes + relax €80.

Vodder lymphatic drainage: 1 hour €50.

Ayurmalish: (massage that is imagined using concepts and strategies of indian’s tradition where the emphasis is posted on the promotion of energy’s circulation) 1 hour €70.

Se ayuverdico treatment: (a combination of dexterity and spirituality that will help you to discover your path to mind and body’s perfect harmony…where the hands can move on different plans of existence and they can recreate body’s energetic equilibrium…searching the harmony…like a musician’s hands…for an authentic life) 1 hour 20 minutes €100. m

Relax massage: during of 1 hour (about) €60, if people reserve 2 consecutive massages, they will cost €50 apiece, partial 30 minutes €40, couple massage € 60 per person.

Marma thirummu: (it is a technique of massage where there are many maneuvers that flow in marma’s stimulation: it is an union of neurological stimulation, tissues’ manipulation, arts’ mobilization and vital airs’ rebalancing). 1 hour 10 minutes €80.

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