Jamie Oliver

JamieOliver22_Jamie Oliver, how to present him in a few words: an excellent chef, a big television person, but an important thing is that he is a loyal and sincere friend full of love and passion for life in every aspect. We have known him with the implementation of the transmission “Jamie’s Great Escape” that has touched many Italian regions, one of which has been Marche.

Searching a place, joined to a big quiet and a strong tradition, the choose is fallen on us, the little agritourism “La Grotta dei Folletti” where Jamie has passed a week.

It has been a wonderful experience, him and his staff are people so special and we have been lucky to have them like guests. Hundreds of hours of footages have been passed to take Jamie around our lands.

For us, it has been a rediscover of our environments, we have searched the most beautiful places that are joined to ancient traditions, we have visited old locations of our Apennines, full of charm and capable to wake up hot emotions. The hearth, go in the woods, go to search truffles, go hunting (fantastic the hunt to the boar), find us to do a party in a canteen, it has been magic, unique.

For Jamie, these things were new, but he liked this atmosphere and he participated to a lot of activities : consults with grandma Assunta to pick up the secrets of our kitchen, walks in the woods to search truffles and uncultivated mushrooms, visits to characteristic farms and last but not least a challenge versus the best grandmothers (how he always repeated) to manage the crust for noodles.
The super dinner in the center square of Mercatello sul Metauro must be remembered because there were 300 people with a menu that included wild boar hunted in our woods and people lived the hunt and the tradition with a lot of simplicity and without time, forgetting cameras that in that moment were the only connection with the world.
We asked Jamie an opinion to do other experiences similar to this one and he replied that we had to publish this his dedication:
“Come and stay with one of my favourite families in one of the best places of Italy and give you the opportunity to catch life slowly (peacefully). Marche are one of the best regions of all Italy”.
Hoping to transmit also you the heat and the colors of our magic and fantastic land in Mercatello sul Metauro, we invite you, to know and live fully our country, offering you different “holiday packages”.
This is a land full of culture with Federico da Montefeltro Duce’s Ducal Palace and near us there are many beautiful regions like Umbria, Tuscany, Emilia Romagna and San Marino Republic.

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